Customer Service

Program for customer service

There is no need to use the phone or interviews , now you can use the software and customer registration for memberships allow them to enter the program to learn all new introduced in his treatment, so do not bother to visit the institution or contact to see new developments , and this work will be structured more for customer service and do not waste the time of both parties and record all the talks so as not any different later.


  • Each customer special membership
  • The client can open a ticket for a service request or inquiry .
  • Records the timing of responses between the institution and the client.
  • Remember Conversation in the program to ensure the rights of the institution and the client.
  • Administrator can reply to each client in his .
  • Administrator can open memberships to the staff of the Foundation for Customer Service .
  • Page closed upon completion of the service required and the client can open another page later.
  • Record all conversations in the program.
  • Dialogue on the subject between the institution and the client ( Kalmhadth on one page ) .
  • Administrator can add any updates for each client in his .
  • Administrator can open memberships for each client .

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