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Very best programs, direct dialogue at all. Through which you can address the customers through your site. Mail through dialogue screen directly.

The possibilities for visitors :
1 . The possibility to choose the section you want to talk to him .
2 . The possibility of dialogue with one team without any conditions or terms of building what the director of the program selected.
3 . The possibility that the reject or accept or postpone an invitation team to talk to him .
4 . The possibility of writing a message to the administration of the site instead of direct dialogue .
5 . The possibility of watching the case of team work , whether they are present or busy or abroad .
6 . Assess the possibility of dialogue, which he has done which would benefit the administration to know the performance of their employees .
Possibilities for program staff sections :
1 . Accept or reject calls for dialogue from site visitors .
2 . The possibility of transforming the dialogue of a factor to another factor , and suppose that the visitor asked to speak to the sales but spoke to something for technical support can be for the employee to make the dialogue to a colleague .
3 . The possibility of sending invitations to visitors to the site where the employee inviting them to his desire to help the visitor can accept or reject the suit or postponed for later.
4 . Review the possibility of previous dialogues client so that he can complete the dialogue and be aware of what is going
5 . The possibility of changing its password .
6 . Possibility of changing the status to busy or abroad or return immediately .
7 . The possibility of an end to the dialogue with the client so that it appears to the client after the page evaluation.
The possibilities of the program for the management of :
1 . Control staff who talk to visitors to the site in terms of sections , distribution and the possibility of being stopped and see another entry to them they have done .
2 . The possibility of adding an infinite number of sections such as service ( sales department , technical support department , …. ) Visitors included it.
3 . Control advertising that appears next to the direct dialogue so that you can use for advertising your services or your products and visitor sees while he was in dialogue with a section .
4 . The possibility of reviewing all the dialogues carried out by workers .
5 . The possibility of knowledge of the state and the page came from the visitor.
6 . The possibility of knowing the time that was taken by the visitor to your site and the time it was taken on the current page , where the program shows the page where there are currently visiting .
7 . The possibility of controlling the images that are available sections or abroad or busy.
8 . The possibility to control the number of program languages ​​and default language.
9 . Control -mail messages that will get to it in the absence of a section online .
10 . Control in the welcome message that appears when a visitor enters the site where you can , for example, writing ( hello your service in direct support will exist a member of the customer service you within minutes , and that the dialogues registered ) .
11 . The possibility of talking to the knowledge workers currently .
12 . The possibility of reviewing the record of visitors to the site where the entire program to register all visitors to the site who entered with full details ( state , IP address , the page you came from , ….. )
13 . You can see the reports on the number of conversations that took place in a given day , and the number of visitors.
14 . The possibility of controlling all of the above through the Control Panel on your site .
15 . The possibility of controlling all of the above through the inauguration program on your computer .

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